Finding strength through knitting in Kesennuma

Hello, my name is Martina Umemura.
I have created the lengthily-named Umemura Martina Kesennuma FS Atelier Co., Ltd. in Kesennuma Miyagi prefecture and have also transferred my certificate of residence to Kesennuma. I founded the company with the intention of allowing those living in the area affected by the Tohoku earthquake to rapidly regain independence through the creation of knitted products. Furthermore, I hope to share the pleasures of knitting and knitted products, widening a circle that creates happiness from Kesennuma to the rest of Japan and beyond. “Everyone can be happy through wool.” Everyone can share in the pleasure of wool, and wouldn't it be wonderful if that pleasure could be connected to the regeneration of the Tohoku region?

Receiving support from magic Opal Wool

When I decided to work together with victims of the Tohoku earthquake, I received a lot of support from the Opal wool company, which originates near my home town in Germany. I was fascinated by the magic of this wool, which reveals a beautiful pattern little by little simply by doing a stocking stitch. Anyone can enjoy knitting using this wool; knitting makes you feel happy and content. I believe this wool certainly helps those who have been harmed by the disaster. Opal wool and Kesennuma, and all the people I met! I am truly thankful for all the wonderful encounters.
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